To create the eventual product, the research has been of great importance in this project. Focusing on the needs of the target group and getting the insight and know-how from the people with experience the team got to the essence of what they could offer on educational level. Providing a protocol derived from the field that could educate and train students for real life situations.

Further research into the possibilities of application formats and the importance of elements, such as immersion and emotion in educational purposes, lead to the development of a virtual reality application. For more information and the complete research results the research document can be downloaded here.

Download the full results of the research


Alumnidag UU

29th March 2008, entire day

Universiteit Utrecht, Faculty Veterenary Medicine

The University of Utrecht is organising a symposium combined with a alumni gathering. The topic of the symposium is 'Playing with reality', about Gaming & Simulation.
Shoot will be presented here in full, it will also be possible for people to test Shoot. The presentation will start at 14:45.

University College



24th January 2008

Utrecht School of the Arts, EMMA, Hilversum

Project Shoot was first shown to the public at the project market which was hosted at the Utrecht SChool of the Arts in Hilversum. Alongside all the Masterprojects produced by other EMMA and PSAU students the project was demonstrated and could be tested by visitors. The projectmarket was a huge succes and Shoot got a lot of attention.

Projectenmarkt HKU
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Presentatie Universiteitsraad

21st February 2008 at 15:15

University College Utrecht, Kriekenpitplein, Auditorium

On the 21st of february, the University Council will organise a symposium about the use of new technology in education. Len Lipman, professor Veterinary Public Health, will give a workshop on the way the faculty of Veterenary Medicine intends to incorporate Virtual Reality in their Curriculum.
Our team will present the development pocess of Shoot and give a brief demonstration of the software.

University College